Enterprise License Management

The Enterprise license is designed for both large and small teams of Salesforce developers.

All the information related to the licenses is displayed on the Subscription Info page in your Profile at The Welkin Suite website. Click on the arrow next to a license, and you will see a detailed info:

  • a number of your license,
  • a type of the license,
  • if the automatic renewal in turn on or off,
  • expiration date,
  • how many days left till the end of using the license,
  • a licensing period.

You can easily manage all your licenses on one page using a single account. There are two cases for management Enterprise licenses: if you're an account owner and if you're a team member.

Management for account owner

After buying some number of Enterprise licenses, you will get an option to distribute the licenses between various users. To do so, click the Add new user button.

Assign a license

In the opened pop-up window, enter an email of a team member and send him an invitation.

Add new user

All the information about your licenses is displayed in a table:

  • Email — an email of a team member that use the license,
  • License — a type of a license,
  • Reg. Date — a date of registration of the user's license,
  • Exp. Date — a date of expiration of the user's license,
  • Status — a status of accepting the invitation:
    • Pending — a user hasn't accepted an invitation yet,
    • Assigned — a user has accepted an invitation,
    • Rejected — a user has rejected an invitation.
  • Actions — possible options to manage the licenses:
    • Resend — you can resend an invitation to the same user if the user hasn't accepted it yet or reject it,
    • Cancel — you can cancel an unaccepted invitation and send it to another user,
    • Revoke — you can revoke a license from a user to re-assign it to somebody else.


You can easily filter the data by a status using the quick filters above the table:

  • All,
  • Rejected,
  • Canceled,
  • Assigned,
  • Pending.

In addition, you can sort data in ascending or descending order by clicking on a column's header and you're able to choose how many records you want to see at one page.

Adding a license to the existing subscription

In your Profile, you're able to add a new license for a new user anytime you need it. Navigate to the My Products ⇒ Subscription info page and click the Add button.

Add a user

NB: The feature of adding new users to an existing subscription is available only for the license with a year licensing period.

At the next step, you need to specify the number of users that you want to add and click the Confirm and Pay button.

Add a user

If previously you have used a promo code and it hasn't been expired yet, your discount will be also counted here.

If you use the Automatic Renewal option, the total cost will be automatically charged from your card. All the next payments will be charged as usual, on the renewal date, considering all the new licenses.

If you don't use the Automatic Renewal option, after clicking the Continue button you need to specify your credit card details.

NB In case, if your subscription expires in less than 1 month and you don't use the Automatic Renewal option, the option to add users will be unavailable for you. You're able to add users during the next purchasing.
If your subscription will expire in less than 1 month and you use the Automatic Renewal option, the cost will be automatically charged from your card during the next renewal payment.

Canceling a a license in the existing subscription

You can revoke a license from an active user at any time you need. To do so, click on the Revoke button next to the a necessary license. The license will be canceled immediately.

Revoke a license

Management for team member

If you're a member of a team, that use the Enterprise licenses, you will get an invitation by email. To start using the Welkin Suite with this license, follow the next instructions:

  1. register with the email, which you have received the invitation to,
  2. navigate to the My Products page in your Profile,
  3. accept the invitation,
  4. download The Welkin Suite and log in with the credentials that you use for The Welkin Suite website.

If you know that the invitation was sent but you still haven't got it, you can register manually on the The Welkin Suite website and then accomplish the steps 3-5 from the instruction above.

Management for team member

In case, if you have got an invitation to another license, while you have an active one, you can do the following:

  • reject the new invitation,
  • or wait till your active license is expired and then activate the new one.

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