Licensing information for The Welkin Suite

Before you can start using The Welkin Suite IDE, each license needs to be activated, regardless of the pricing plan you selected.

The Trial Plan license is activated the moment you click the ‘Get it now’ button. Then you are forwarded to the Download page on The Welkin Suite's website, on which the download link is generated, and the product will appear in your account in ‘My Products’ section ready to be used.

Professional and Enterprise licenses will be activated immediately after the payment is made and confirmed for banking wire transactions, or direct payment is made via The Welkin Suite’s website.

To activate the Professional license, you need to go through all the purchase steps. Then, once the payment is received, the License will be activated, you will receive a link to download The Welkin Suite IDE, and the product will appear in the user’s account in ‘My Products’ section ready to be used.

To activate the Enterprise license, you need to complete the purchase process. If the purchase was completed through the form on our website via the credit card, the license(s) will be activated immediately. In case the subscription was purchased in the custom way via another payment method, the user’s license will be activated after we receive the confirmation that the payment is successful (for instance through the check from your bank). Then the download link will be provided, and the product can be used.

The Welkin Suite IDE can be used on the monthly or yearly basis, with an option to renew the license automatically.

Automatic Renewal

You have a handy option, that allows you to forget about frequent payments for a license. During the purchase process, you can select the Automatic Renewal option. Mark the corresponding checkbox, and your license will be renewed automatically.

Automatic Renewal

You can always update your renewal settings at any time in your account: navigate to My products ⇒ Subscription Info. Then click on the Edit button and then change the Automatic Renewal to Yes. To save the changes, click on the Save button.

Edit the Automatic Renewal options

The renewal period depends on the license period. If during the purchase process you selected a monthly payment, your license can be renewed in a month. If you select an annual payment, your license will be renewed in a year after its activating.

NB: In case, if you didn't select an automatic renewal, or disabled it afterward, and your license has already expired, to continue using The Welkin Suite you'll need to purchase a new license. In case you have disabled the auto-renewal, and then enabled again it before the license has expired, the license will keep being renewed automatically.

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