Pricing Plans

The Welkin Suite IDE is provided in three pricing plans. You are able to choose the pricing plan that works best for your purposes.

Plan Price / person Usage
Trial Free (30 days) single-person usage
Professional 15.00 USD / month 150.00 USD / year recommended for single-person usage
Enterprise 25.00 USD / month 250.00 USD / year recommended for team usage

Trial Plan

Before purchasing The Welkin Suite IDE, you can start a free 30-day Trial period.

The Trial version allows you to take The Welkin Suite IDE on a test drive and acquaint yourself with all the cool features and rich functionality of our tool. This way, you can see all the benefits of our IDE and make sure that our tool works for you before purchasing it. Since this version has time specifications only, without any functionality limitations, you are regarded as a full-fledged user of The Welkin Suite IDE, and all of your questions are answered by our Support team.


  • Fully functional
  • Free updates
  • Technical support via forum and emails
  • Limited for 30 days

Professional Plan

The Professional plan implies single-person usage of The Welkin Suite, with a license attached to your name. The Professional license legally belongs to the user who has registered on The Welkin Suite website and cannot be un-attached from this user's account.

This plan is perfect for individual Salesforce developers, both for those who provide their development services professionally, and those who develop at their leisure. The Professional plan provides you the entire set of features, followed by our great Support service you may already be familiar with.


  • Fully functional
  • Free updates
  • Technical support via forum, emails

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is an amazing option for both large and small teams of Salesforce developers. The Enterprise license belongs to the account that purchased it, and not the individual user, with an option to distribute the licenses between various users and the possibility to re-attach the licenses.

This plan implies buying the licenses for the entire team, along with the convenient management of the entire set of licenses on a single page using a single account, which is a real time-saver. In addition, this pricing plan benefits your security, as you don't need to separately pay for each of your team members' licenses with a corporate payment card.

All suggestions from the enterprise users have the highest priority in the implementation of the new features in The Welkin Suite IDE. Furthermore, all of enterprise team members receive top-priority support via the convenient ticketing system (in addition to the email and Forum support), which will make our communication convenient and utterly transparent.


  • Fully functional
  • Free updates
  • Top-priority in the implementation of the suggested features
  • Flexible payments options
  • Flexible and convenient license management
  • Top-priority support via forum, email and the ticketing system.

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