ApexDoc support

Development and support of complex projects are much easier when there's, at least, some documentation available. A great option for limited documentation in a code is the ApexDoc standard. It allows you to add descriptive header comments to the classes, methods, and properties in a standard way. This description is enough to understand the logic while not adding any unnecessary information to the code.

ApexDoc support in The Welkin Suite consists of two parts:

  • Automated generation of ApexDoc comments,
  • ApexDoc hints in Code Completion.

Automated generation of ApexDoc comments

You can easily generate ApexDoc comments in two ways:

  • right-click on the line above a class, enum, interface, method, or property declaration and select the Generate ApexDoc For Current Context option from the context menu.

ApexDoc from the context menu

Once you make one of these actions, a standard header is generated with all added parameters (for methods). You can add any other necessary parameters by entering @ on the new line.

ApexDoc entry

Special parameters
@author The author of the item. It can be generated according to a username, which is used for a project or custom value.
@date The date when the item was first implemented.
@group A group to display this item under, in the menu hierarchy.
@group-content A relative path to a static HTML file that provides content about the group.
@description One or more lines that provide an overview of the item.
@param A description of what the parameter does.
@return A description of the return value from the item.
@example An example of code usage.

ApexDoc hints in Code Completion

To make ApexDoc even more helpful in development, all comments entered by you or other developers are displayed as Code Completion hints for appropriate items. When you select an item in the list of possible variants for completion, next to it you will see the tip about it. If the item has a description or any other additional info mentioned in a documentation header, it will be included in this hint.

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