Automated formatting

The Automated formatting functionality helps you to make your code more readable by fixing all space issues, aligning the code and comments properly just in a few clicks.

Code formatting includes indenting (with tabs or a customizable number of spaces), spaces correction around arithmetical and boolean operators, braces (including square and curly).

Code before formatting Code after formatting

In The Welkin Suite, an opened document can be formatted in two ways:

  • the Main Menu: Edit ⇒ Format ⇒ Format Document

Automated formatting from the Main Menu

  • with the hotkey ^+|.

The option works on indenting using tabs or spaces according to your test style settings, specifying correct spaces around arithmetical and boolean operators, braces, SOQL queries, etc.

After you use the Apex Code Formatting, all the formatted lines will be marked as changed. Please just save the file and continue your working process.

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