Usage of Code Snippets

The Welkin Suite offers you several ways to insert a snippet into your code, so you can choose what fits your needs the most.

  • You can insert a snippet from the Main Menu: Edit ⇒ Insert Snippet

Insert a snippet from the Main Menu

You will get a list of available snippets. Click on any snippet and you will see its tooltip. Double-clicking inserts a snippet into the code.

Insert a snippet Menu

  • One more way to insert a snippet is to use the context menu. You should put the caret in the code where you want to insert a snippet, right-click and select the option insert snippet from the context menu. Then select the snippet that you need from the appeared list. If you select some code, you will get an additional option Surround With….

Insert a snippet from the context menu

  • Finally, you can press the hotkey Shift+Cmd+K.

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