Markup Completion in Lightning and Visualforce

Create incredible Lightning Applications, develop highly customized pages and views that have a complex UI with minimum efforts! With the Markup Completion feature, you do not need to remember the whole reference of some Lightning Components, so you can stay concentrated on your results. The Welkin Suite makes all the routine tasks for you.

With the help of Markup Completion in Lightning and Visualforce in The Welkin Suite, you can easily create incredible applications, packages, sites, and pages. Visualforce provides great options for rapid UI development in Salesforce, and at the same time, The Welkin Suite takes care of all the 'background' details that will make your working process much comfortable. While developing your pages and Visualforce components, you have great completion for CSS, Javascript, HTML tags and Visualforce tags, so you can focus on a result instead of process.

The Code Completion is aware of different HTML versions for Visualforce items, so it's up to you what “flavor” to use, and how strictly to follow the standards of HTML4, HTML5 and XHTML. By default, the IDE treats your Visualforce markup as HTML4 ones.

In Addition, The Welkin Suite supports not only standard HTML tags completion, but also the completion of the Lightning tags, along with their corresponding attributes. Thanks to this, you do not have to keep in mind all the necessary details of developing Lightning Components and Application. The Welkin Suite IDE handles this, providing you with the best suggestions as you write the code.

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