Declarative Development

The declarative development allows you to save tons of time with just a few clicks. Using this approach you describe what needs to be accomplished, rather than describe how to accomplish it. Concentrate on your goals instead of the way how to reach them and let the machine do all the routine work.

In frames of The Welkin Suite, you are welcome to enjoy all the point-n-click development capabilities for declarative programming. All the necessary functionality is available via handy commands and buttons. Manage all fields, their visibility and placement, assign different permission sets to users, and edit the permissions with the help of The Welkin Suite's tools.

In this section:

  • sObjects Editor — manage all the fields of any object, their security in one tool,
  • Admin Panel — quickly overview of all the information related to the objects of your organization,
  • Scheduled jobs — schedule and execute new jobs right in the IDE.

This also may be useful:

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