Resolving conflicts after pulling

When developing, you often work on the same functionality as your colleagues do, and this may cause conflicts in a code.

There are two options to handle merge conflicts that may occur after the pull process. Firstly, you can just override your changes. To achieve this, just select a file that should be overwritten and click Next.

Override your changes

The another option is to resolve the conflict by comparing file's versions. To do so, click on the Resolve button.

Resolve pull conflicts

As a result of this action, you will get opened an external merge tool that helps you solve conflicts. By default, The Welkin Suite uses the KDiff3 merge tool.

Comparing tool

The Compare feature is a suitable tool for visualizing the differences between the current version of the file and the version that you have selected.

Diff view for comparing the versions

All the changes between the versions are highlighted:

  • a green background means that the content was deleted in the newer version,
  • a blue one means that the content was changed,
  • a yellow background means that the content was added in the most recent version.

In addition, you can see a 'map' of the changes across the file right in the scrollbar and navigate to the source file using the Source button at the bottom of the window.


After all the conflicts are resolved, the IDE will show the previous window with the inactive option to resolve conflicts. Check the files and click the Next button.

The conflict is resolved

Now you have all the necessary files updated with all your changes and changes made by other developers.

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