Bookmarks are great tools to make navigation in your code easier — even in small projects you may want to have some often visited places marked with bookmarks, which are easily available by a hotkey, while in big projects you may require tens of bookmarks with a hierarchical organization and dynamic bookmarks visibility depending on the tasks you are doing at the moment.

Bookmark in code

The functionality for managing bookmarks you can find in the Search menu.

Bookmarks in the Search menu

  • Toggle Bookmark (the ^+Shift+T hotkey) — the option allows you to put a bookmark on the line where your cursor is located in the code editor; the repeated toggle of a bookmark on the line where some bookmark is already present will remove it;
  • Previous Bookmark (the ^+Shift+P hotkey) — the option for navigation between your bookmarks and it will move you to the location of the previous bookmark int he file;
  • Next Bookmark (the ^+Shift+N hotkey) — also the navigation option to move across your bookmarks, this one replace you to a next stored position in the file;
  • Clear — removes all your saved bookmarks in the whole project.

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