Find & Replace Options

The Welkin Suite has both the Quick replace and Replace in Files methods.

Quick replace

You can activate the Quick replace method by pressing the Opt+Cmd+F hotkey or select it from the Main Menu: Search ⇒ Replace….

Quick replace

You can apply all the find options during the replace as you would do during the Find process. The Quick replace allows replacing each matched text: one by one, or all at once with the help of the buttons next to the replace input.

Replace in Files

The Replace in Files option is extended Quick replace. It can be activated by pressing the Opt+Shift+Cmd+F or selecting it from the Main Menu: Search ⇒ Replace in Files.

Replace in files

This functionality allows you to replace all the matches of the search term entered into the Find text input by the text entered to Replace text input. This window works the same way as the Find in files option.

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