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The Welkin Suite strives to make your working process as much convenient and efficient as possible. One of the ways to archive this is creating the most efficient and handy layout of the IDE. Having all the necessary toolbars and panels right at hand and the ability to review all important data at a glance is an indispensable condition for productive work.

Therefore in The Welkin Suite, you're able to select the layout of the IDE that feets your needs in the best way. This option helps you to save time and concentrate on reaching your goals.

The ability to select the necessary layout appears only once after the first installation of the IDE or after the update of the IDE.

Select the IDE layout

The Welkin Suite offers two predefined layouts for different working purposes:

  • Declarative Development & Administering — the layout that helps you to focus on the administrative tasks. In a case of selecting this layout, you'll get opened the Admin panel and the Logs panel by default. This gives you the ability to concentrate on work with sObjects, data security, SOQL, and troubleshoot with Debug Logs.
  • Coded Development — the layout that helps you focus on development tasks. In a case of selecting this layout, you'll get the opened editor, Test Results panel, Lightning Bundle Explorer, Logs panel by default. This gives you the ability to concentrate on work with code, test and debug it, create Lightning Components and Applications, and Debug code using the Apex Retrospective Debugger.

To select the necessary layout, click on it and click the Confirm selection button. After this action, you'll get the IDE with a predefined set of panels and tools. You are free to customize it as you want at any moment.

In addition, in the View menu, you have the default layouts for the application like Solution and Debug. After you would select any from the role layouts provided by the IDE, it will be added to this menu and you would have quick access to it. A layout here will be saved with all your changes such as resizing or adding / removing some additional panels. At the same time, using the Switch IDE Layout option will back you to the default view of the Developer or Admin layout.

The selected layout also influences on the metadata types that you select during the creation of a project. In the Download Project window you have two options:

  • Use admin preset,
  • Use developer preset.

According to the selected preset, the specific types of metadata are checked. You can also change the selection of the metadata types or click the button at the top of the window to change the preset. The preselected preset depends on the layout that you use.

Metadata preset

You're also able to change the layout of the IDE to another anytime. To so so, navigate to the Main Menu: View ⇒ Switch IDE Layout.

Switch the layout from the Main Menu

Select the layout and click the Confirm selection button.

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