XML Editor

The built-in XML Editor of The Welkin Suite provides you with all necessary tools for creating, editing, and publishing XML documents. The XML Editor is invoked for well-known file extensions, such as .xml, .xsd, .xsl, and .config. It is also invoked on any other file extension if the file appears to contain XML. For example, you often face with such type of data when you work on -meta.xml files — the files with metadata relates to an object.

XML Editor

The XML Editor, as well as all other text editors in The Welkin Suite, provides multiple basic and also advanced editing features that may decrease time spent on development.

XML Code Assistance

In the XML Editor, you can find all necessary tools of Code Assistance that make your development faster and more convenient:

  • Code Outlining — it divides your code into separate code blocks, and it gives you the ability to selectively hide the parts of a code that you don't need right now,
  • Comment / Uncomment — a simple tool for leaving comments for the selected part of a code.

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