Adding New Items

Using the Solution Explorer you can add any necessary item to your project and then build or deploy it to Salesforce.

To add new items, select a project or folder node in the Solution Explorer where you want to add a file and select the Add ⇒ New File… from its context menu.

Add New File from the context menu

You can accopmplish the same action from the Main Menu: File ⇒ New ⇒ File… or just press the Cmd+N hotkey.

Add New File wizard

Selecting the option for adding a new item will open the Add New File wizard.

Add New File

Currently, you can add such types of files:

  • Classes,
  • Batchable and Schedulable Classes,
  • Triggers,
  • Pages,
  • Components,
  • Lightning Components Bundles,
  • Lightning Application Bundles.

All these files are automatically added to the Salesforce Org right after the creation. As an exception, you can also add Anonymous Apex or SOQL Queries files, which would be stored locally in your project but won’t be stored in any way in Salesforce org.

In this wizard, you need to select the type of file that you want to create, enter its name and press the New button to proceed.

On the left, you can see a menu that allows you to filter new items. You can group Apex code, Lightning Bundle, SOQL, and Visualforce files that can be created.

On the right in the wizard, you can see the information about the selected file type.

Adding Classes, Schedulable Classes, Components and Pages

For Classes, Schedulable Classes, Components, and Pages you will see the next window asking you to enter a name for the file that will be created. Once done, you need to press the Next button, and The Welkin Suite IDE will send a request to create an item in Salesforce org that you’re working with.

Create new component

In case of any errors during this process, you will see an appropriate status message. If the file with a given name already exists in Salesforce, you will be prompted to rename the item and retry.

File creation error

Adding Triggers

After you specified the name of a new Trigger, you will need to enter the additional information: an object and a trigger operation, which will execute it.

Trigger creation

Adding Batchable classes

Similarly, creating a Batchable class requires specifying an object from the drop-down list.

Create Batchable Class

Adding Lightning Applications and Components

When creating Lightning Application Bundles and Lightning Component Bundles, you will also have the ability to enter a description and add the members to a created bundle from a list.

Add Lightning Application Bundle

Adding Anonymous Apex and SOQL Query items

During the creation of Anonymous Apex or SOQL Query items you should specify the item's name in the New File wizard and press the New button. The files will be created and opened immediately.

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