Update of the Mono framework

Since the Blaze R3 version of The Welkin Suite, the IDE supports the 5.0.1 version of the Mono Framework. This helps improve existing functionality and open new abilities in development, also it allows avoiding some conflicts with other IDEs like Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, Unity.

In case, if you install the Welkin Suite from the Blaze R3 or any further version, you'll get the appropriate prerequisite out of the box. Also, if you have updated Mono framework manually, The Welkin Suite IDE also will work properly.

In case, if you use the version of the IDE below Blaze R3, follow the instructions below.

There are two ways to get downloaded the new version of Mono framework:

  1. during the automatic update of The Welkin Suite — the updated version of Mono Framework is also downloaded, however, it won't be installed without your agreement,
  2. manually by the manual checking for updates, directly from the IDE, using the menu The Welkin Suite ⇒ Check for updates. In this case, the first step in the wizard would be the downloading of Mono Framework 5.0.1.

The downloading process can take some time, so you are able to see the progress of downloading. You also can manage the downloading process:

  • Cancel — the downloading will be stopped. During any further checks for updates, the process will start from the same stage where it was aborted;
  • Close — the wizard will be closed, but the downloading process won't be stopped — it will be in progress in the background; when it is finished, you will get an appropriate notification in TWS status bar.

When the downloading is complete, you'll see the notification in the status bar.

Available updates

Click on the icon, and you'll get the Update wizard opened. Also, you can open this wizard by clicking on the Close and Install button in the window of downloading Mono framework (in case of manually updating).

The IDE will be closed, and TWS Updated will launch the regular Mono Framework installer. You just follow the steps to updated the framework.

Mono updates installation

NB: The previous version of Mono would stay present on your computer, and it will be available for configuration of the Mono Framework, or you can delete it yourself.

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