CodeScan report

No matter, if you scan your files with CodeScan manually or just run it automatically before the build, all the detected issues are displayed in the CodeScan Report window that opens automatically. You can open this report manually using the Main Menu: View ⇒ Pads ⇒ CodeScan Report.

In the 'CodeScan Report' pad, you will get a full list of violations with a short description, category and a name of a file with an issue (clicking on a filename will open it in the editor). Additionally, you can narrow down the list to a certain category and/or use a filter to search for some specific issues. And, finally, you can export a report to a CSV file for the future reference, or to share it with your team.

CodeScan report

To remove all the entries from a list, click the Clear all results button.

In case, if you want to change some of the CodeScan settings, click the Options button. This action will open the global settings for CodeScan.

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