CodeScan settings

First off, you need to connect CodeScan to your TWS. For this, you need to have a valid CodeScan license or at least a not-yet-expired trial.

Navigate to the Main Menu: Preferences ⇒ External Tools ⇒ CodeScan settings and enter your license into the CodeScan license field. Thanks to The Welkin Suite, you don't need to do anything in terms of installation and additional configuration of CodeScan.

CodeScan settings

In the same settings window, you can set up some general CodeScan configuration:

  • Default ruleset file that is used for all projects without the explicitly specified CodeScan ruleset,
  • Run CodeScan before build option executes CodeScan before each build, but only for files that were changed, and are sent to Salesforce,
  • Raise build errors on certain CodeScan issues cancels the build process in case of errors. Below you can specify what rule priority should be treated as an error.

If you want to specify CodeScan settings for a separate project, right-click on the project's item in the Solution Explorer, select the Options option from the context menu, and navigate to the External Tools ⇒ CodeScan settings section.

CodeScan settings for a project

NB: Dependencies of CodeScan settings
- global settings apply to all projects in a solution,
- separate settings for a project excludes this project from global settings,
- if you cancel separate settings for a project, the project won't automatically return to the global settings.

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