Copado tasks panel

The Copado tasks panel is the main tool in your work with Copado tracking system. In order to open it, navigate to the Main Menu: View ⇒ Pads ⇒ Copado tasks.

Open the Copado tasks panel from the Main Menu

At the first start, this panel will be empty. This means that you need to connect TWS with your Copado-enabled organization.

When all the settings are done, your user stories will appear in the Copado tasks panel with the following details:

  • User story — name or key of the user story,
  • Summary — summary of the story, so you'd not forget what is it about,
  • Story points — story points estimation for the story,
  • Status — the current status of the story.

Copado tasks panel

Above the table with all the information here is a toolbar, which gives you access to all needed instruments to work with Copado.

Copado tasks toolbar

In the toolbar you can find the following items:

  • Login / Logout button — to login to your Copado-enabled organization,
  • Project selection dropdown,
  • Start tracking changes / Restart tracking changes button — to track changes that you do within the IDE,
  • Stop tracking changes / Resume tracking changes button — to stop (or resume after stop) tracking changes,
  • Show difference button — to see the changes you've made since you started tracking changes,
  • Commit button — to commit your changes to Copado,
  • Upload changes button — to apply changes that you've made on stories in the panel,
  • Refresh button — refreshes the list of tasks from Copado.

To find the data that you need in all the user stories, you can use filters in the header of each column, or you may sort data in ascending or descending order by clicking on a column's header.

Additionally, the text in the User Story column is a clickable link, that will open the story in your default browser so you can look for more details.

And last but not least, both Story Points and Status fields are editable directly from the panel. So when you need to update these fields, just double-click on 'Story Points' field or select a needed status in the corresponding row, and make the changes you need. To upload these changes to Copado, click the corresponding button on the toolbar.

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