Tracking changes

Tracking changes in the IDE is really very simple. All you need to do, when the connection is set, is clicking on the Start tracking changes in the toolbar.

Start tracking changes

When you start tracking changes, The Welkin Suite makes an internal checkpoint for a corresponding project. The tracking process won't be stopped if you switch to another project or close the IDE, so you can keep working on your task for a while, and still know what was changed since the time you've started.

NB: The IDE only tracks changes according to local files, so if someone changed a class on your development org, but you have not pulled it to your project, this change won't be reflected.

You can at any time Restart tracking changes if needed (using the same button) or Stop / Resume tracking changes (using the button next to Start).

You are able to check the difference and see a list of changed files with an inline diff view. To do so, use the Show difference button.

Show difference

You'll get the window with all the changed files and the highlighted differences in them.

Difference view

In this window, you can explore, which files were changed, their type, which specific item was changed, and the type of the change. You can use filters in the header of each column, or you may sort data in ascending or descending order by clicking on a column's header. select any item you're interested in. and you'll see the detailed comparison under the list of files.

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