PMD settings

The Welkin Suite allows you to set different rules for PMD globally as well as for each project separately.

Global PMD settings

To configure the PMD behavior globally, navigate to the Main Menu: The Welkin Suite ⇒ Preferences ⇒ External Tools ⇒ PMD. In the opened window, you can:

  • load a ruleset xml file using the Browse button,
  • check if you want to run PMD before each build,
  • check if you want to raise build errors on certain PMD issues,
  • specify a priority that will be marked as an error, in another case, this will be detected as a warning in your PMD report.

Global PMD settings

NB: In case, if the value in the Raise build errors on certain PMD issues setting is the same or higher than the priority for a rule is specified in the Ruleset Configurator, this is recognized as an error and such an issue will block the start of the build. All other issues, which will occur, will be detected as warnings and won't stop the process — the build will start.

PMD settings for project

You can configure PMD for any selected TWS project and these settings won't be distributed for other projects. Navigate to the project's properties one of the three ways:

  • from the context menu of a project ⇒ Options,
  • from the Main Menu: Project ⇒ Options.

Here you can specify the following settings:

  • priority value that will separate PMD issues for errors and warnings,
  • load a ruleset xml file — paste here a full path to a file,
  • mark if PMD should be run before building your project.

PMD settings for project

NB: Dependencies of PMD settings
- global settings apply to all projects in a solution,
- separate settings for a project excludes this project from global settings,
- if you cancel separate settings for a project, the project will automatically return to the global settings.

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