Logging in TWS

During your work, The Welkin Suite writes different logs, which may be helpful for you in solving some productivity issues or finding the reason of crashes. There are three types of logs:

Log file Description Location
Ide.YYYY-MM-DD_HH:MM:SS.log 1) This is a general log of TWS. It is written when you work in The Welkin Suite. When you re-open TWS, the new log file will be created. ~/Library/Logs/The\ Welkin\ Suite/
YYYY-MM-DD.log 2) This log is created by The Welkin Suite Auto-Updater service. This service updates TWS to the latest version. ~/Library/Logs/WelkinSuiteUpdater/
local.welkinsuite.updater.stderr This log is created when some issues during the update process occur. /tmp/

This also may be useful:

1) The YYYY-MM-DD_HH:MM:SS mark stands for start time of the each session of the application — from launching till closing / crashing.
2) The YYYY-MM-DD mark stands for the start time of the service.
Last modified: 2018/03/14 10:43

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