Organizations Manager

The Welkin Suite provides you with a very convenient way of managing Dev Hubs and Scratch orgs, in order to work with Salesforce DX — the Organizations Manager panel. You can access this panel from the Main Menu: View ⇒ Pads ⇒ Organizations Manager.

The Organizations Manager consists of 3 main parts:

  1. the toolbar,
  2. the list of organizations, that are stored in the SFDX CLI,
  3. the details pane with information about a selected organization.

Organizations Manager

In the toolbar you have the following options:

  • Add Dev Hub or regular Organizations to the list of orgs or to create a new scratch organization. Please note that the option to create a new scratch org is available only when Dev Hub organization is selected in the list.
  • Delete or Exclude button — it deletes scratch orgs or excludes regular and dev hub orgs from the SFDX CLI list of organizations.
  • Make default — allows you to mark a dev hub as a default dev hub or certain scratch organization as a default scratch organization. You can do this both globally, or just locally - for a current project. We will go through the usage of default dev hubs and scratch orgs below, when we will explain how existing features of the IDE are working for SFDX projects.
  • Pull and Push — they are enabled only when any scratch org is selected in the list. These buttons allow you to pull or push sources of the current project to the selected organization. For both push and pull you also have an option to make force push and force pull — this translates to -f | –forceoverwrite argument for force:source:push and force:source:pull commands and executes push / pull even if there are any conflicts.
  • Open in browser opens a selected organization in your default browser. It's a handy way to execute the force:org:open command without touching the command-line.
  • Refresh executes full refresh of the organizations list, so it executes force:org:list command.
  • Toggle details pan shows or hides the details pane in the lower part of the Organizations manager.

In the organizations list, you can find the list of your organizations separated into two groups: SFDX organizations (includes Dev Hubs and Scratch orgs) and Regular organizations (includes Production environments, Sandboxes, and Developer orgs). Information, that is displayed in the list, is the same as you can get using the 'force:org:list' CLI command.

For each Dev Hub in the list, you can also see the list of Scratch orgs that were created using that Dev Hub.

In the context menu for orgs in the list you can get the same options as in the toolbar, however, for scratch orgs you can also have an option to easily generate a password in just one click.

Orgs Manager Menu

In the lower part of the panel, you can find the Organization details pane. Here you are able to see the detailed information about a selected organization. All the properties that you can get using the 'force:org:display' command are shown in a convenient way with additional options to filter properties by name, show them in alphabet order or by categories. There is also a possibility to copy values, in case you need them somewhere else.

Org details

In this section:

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