Tracking Changes

The Tracking Changes panel provides you a handy way to track what you've already done since some certain point in time — it can be a start of a new task, fix for a small bug you've spotted while working on a new feature, or anything else.

To enable this panel, navigate to the Main Menu: View ⇒ Pads ⇒ Tracking Changes.

Open Tracking changes panel from the Main Menu

You'll get an opened panel with the list of your projects. In order to start tracking changes, select the needed project and click the Start button. The IDE will create a tracking point and will prompt you to name it.

Create a checkpoint

Once this is done the IDE will remember that current state of the project and will show you a summary of what was changed since that moment, whenever you hit the Reload button on the toolbar.

Tracking changes

When you want to deploy your changes to an org, you can simply click the Deploy button on the toolbar. This action will open the standard TWS deployment wizard, however, when you'll get to the step where you need to select what exactly needs to be deployed, everything you've worked on will be already selected by the wizard.

When you do not need to track changes in the project anymore (or you want to create a new checkpoint), select the project from the list and click the Stop button.

NB: you can create only one checkpoint for a project.

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