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-{{ :​mac:​how_does_it_work:​tools_in_tws:​code_coverage:​show-coloring.png?nolink |Coloring Code Coverage in the Editor}}+{{ :​mac:​how_does_it_work:​tools_in_tws:​code_coverage:​apex-code-coverage-highlighting.png?nolink |Coloring Code Coverage in the Editor}}
 +In the message bar, that is located in the upper part of the code editor, you can see a drop-down with the list of unit tests that are covering code in the opened file. Also here you can find the information about code coverage percentage that is provided by each of the unit tests. If you need to see the code coverage coloring by unit test, just select the unit test in the dropdown and the editor will show you appropriate highlighting.
 <columns 100% 50% - -> <columns 100% 50% - ->
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