Breakpoints panel

You can find a list of all the breakpoints that you have set in your solution in the Breakpoints panel.

The Breakpoints panel

The Breakpoints panel is automatically opened when you start debugging, but you can yo open it manually from the Main Menu: View ⇒ Debug Windows ⇒ Breakpoints.

In the Breakpoints panel you can see all the data related to the breakpoints and the conditions of hitting the breakpoints:

  • Name — the name of the breakpoint. Usually, it is equal to the line where the breakpoint is set and contains also the name of the file,
  • Condition — when and where the breakpoint executes,
  • Trace Expression — which expression should the breakpoint trace,
  • Hit Count — how many times the breakpoint will be hit,
  • Last Trace — when the breakpoint was traced for the last time.

Currently, the managing of the conditions is unavailable.

You can use this panel for navigation through the code — just double-click on the breakpoint, and the editor will be focused on the line with this breakpoint.

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