Debugger UI

All the debugging functionality is available from the Main Menu ⇒ Run.

The Main Menu item 'Run'

Here you can start debugging any unit test, from an Anonymous Apex file, or from a log file.

Any of these actions turn on the Debug view of The Welkin Suite.

The Debug view

The main elements for work with the Debugger are:

  • an editor window with the code,
  • an ability to set breakpoints and manage them,
  • navigation through the code using steps,
  • a list of locals in the active part of the code,
  • an ability to trace the way of the execution in a call stack.

You are able to open / close any of the Debugger's panel if needed: the Breakpoints panel, the Locals panel, and the Call stack panel. Access to these options you can find in the Main Menu: View ⇒ Debug Windows.

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