Known limitations

The Welkin Suite's Apex Retrospective Debugger gives you all needed tools for observing the behavior of your code and its issues. However, there are some limitations at the moment:

  • the variables can have cut text in their names or descriptions because of Salesforce limits,
  • the list of local includes only user's locals,
  • the private variable in a cycle is not available outside the cycle in the code, but it is still visible in the Locals panel until the end of a method,
  • the code from the managed packages, workflows, process builder processes, validations is skipped,
  • the code from getters and setters is skipped,
  • the properties values are not shown in the Locals panel (however, the fields are shown),
  • the setting of the conditions of the breakpoints is unavailable,
  • Salesforce may cut the log entries or skip them; in such cases, the Apex Retrospective Debugger can work incorrectly because the structure of the log is broken. To avoid this distribute functionality into smaller blocks to log as complete as possible.

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