Required log levels

You can use, as a source for the debug information, any unit test from your org as well as any log file, or Anonymous Apex file. The minimal required level set for the logs to have the ability to work in the Debug mode is the following:

  • Apex Code — Finest,
  • System — Finest,
  • Database — Info,
  • Apex Profiling — Error,
  • Callout — Error,
  • Validation — Error,
  • VisualForce — Error,
  • Workflow — Error.

You can easily set Debug log levels directly in the IDE without switching to Salesforce settings. This option is available from the Logs panel.

Configure Debug Log Levels from the Logs panel

NB: When you start the debugging process, The Welkin Suite will automatically change the log levels (and roll back the setting after the polling of logs is finished).

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