Getting started

The Welkin Suite offers you one more way to explore its broad functionality. If you're a Trial user, this guide will be shown automatically after opening any project in The Welkin Suite for the first time during a TWS session. Also, you can open it manually from the Main Menu: Help ⇒ Getting Started.

Getting started

The Getting Started window contains a list of useful features, options, and tips on how to work in the IDE. The guide shows you information about only those features which you haven't used starting from the Bloom R1 release.You can scroll the right part where a list of available tips is present for you. Each tip has an additional short description — you can see it in the left part when you click on any tip in the list. However, the main information about each feature is presented in a short 10-20 seconds tutorial / overview video. You can click on the Read more link to go to the TWS's documentation.

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