Immediate Apex Execution

While Anonymous Apex is a great tool for quick prototyping and testing your Apex solutions in your project, sometimes it is needed to have an even quicker way to execute it. The Welkin Suite offers you such a tool — the Immediate Apex pad. To enable it, navigate to the Main Menu: View ⇒ Pads ⇒ Immediate Apex.

Activate Immediate Apex from the Main Menu

In this pad you can just type whatever code you need and immediately execute it, without creating, opening or saving any files. This is a great way to quickly check if your SOQL query returns proper results, to see a log file or a method execution or even start a scheduled job in a couple of seconds.

Immediate Apex

To execute your code, click the Run button at the top of the panel. Clicking on the Clear button will delete all the code lines in this panel.

You are free to place the Immediate Apex pad in any part of the IDE's UI, so you can quickly access it.

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