Components of a bundle

Your main item during developing with Lightning technology is a bundle. Any bundle contains a component or an app and all its related resources.

The Welkin Suite supports following Lightning items as a part of a bundle:

Component .cmp A core item for Lightning Component Bundle. Created automatically with a bundle. Contains markup for the component.
Application .app A core item for Lightning Application Bundle. Created automatically with a bundle. Contains markup for the app.
Controller Controller.js It contains client-side Javascript logic to handle component / application events.
Helper Helper.js It contains common Javascript code that can be called from any Javascript in a component / application.
Style .css CSS styles for a component / application.
Documentation .auradoc Documentation definition (DocRef) for an application / component.
Renderer Renderer.js A client-side custom renderer.

In addition, you are able to work with Lightning Events inside the IDE:

  • Component events (.evt) — they are handled by the component itself or a component that instantiates or contains the component,
  • Application events (.evt) — they are handled by all components that are listening to the event.

You can easily define Lightning Interfaces in The Welkin Suite as well as implement them in your Lightning Components without switching to any other tools. The Lightning Component framework supports the concept of interfaces that define a component's shape by defining its attributes.

The Lightning's named Tokens (.tokens) allow you to capture the common values once and then reuse them through the whole org's Lightning Components and Applications.

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