Environment is the first section in the Preferences menu. Here you can find all common settings for the key binding and fonts.

Key Bindings

This block allows you to customize the hotkeys for almost all the commands of the IDE. You can use the default scheme of the hotkeys or select the custom one. In addition, you can find some necessary option via the search input above the list of the options.

Preferences menu - Environment - Key Bindings


Here you can set the fonts for the main IDE's components: text editor and panels. Click on the field at select the necessary font and its size. You can roll-back setting to the default state by clicking the Set To Default button.

Preferences menu - Environment - Fonts


In this section, you can manage all the settings related to the Tasks functionality: edit existing tokens, add new ones, change a color of priority, etc.

Preferences menu - Environment - Tasks

External Tools

Here you are able to add a new custom external tool to The Welkin Suite's menu, order all your custom commands and delete them if you don't need them any more.

Preferences menu - Environment - External Tools

In this section:

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