Text Editor

The Text Editor section of the Preferences menu gives you the ability to customize the behavior and UI of all the editors.


In the block General you can find the most common settings for the text editors, such as:

  • Line coding conversion — if The Welkin Suite should ask for conversion, always convert or leave line endings as is,
  • Code Folding — if The Welkin Suite has a permission for code folding in general, and if the IDE should fold #regions and comments by default.

Preferences menu - Text Editor - General

Markers and Rulers

This block allows you to manage all the markers and rulers in the editor during your work on files. The General section includes the settings for the following items:

  • line numbers,
  • matching braces,
  • current line,
  • column ruler,
  • animations
  • identifier references
  • indentation guides,
  • changed lines,
  • invisible characters, including spaces, tabs, line endings.

Preferences menu - Text Editor - Markers and Rulers


In this section, you can set all the automatic actions performed by the IDE during your work with code and you are also able to select the indentation mode and the word break mode. The settings for automatic behavior include:

  • insert matching brace,
  • enable on the fly code formatting,
  • format document on save,
  • automatically set search pattern case sensitivity,
  • generate additional undo steps for formatting,
  • enable selection surrounding keys.

Preferences menu - Text Editor - Behavior

Code Completion

Here you can manage the general settings that are applied to the Code Completion functionality. You are able to select:

  • if the IDE should show completion list after a character is typed,
  • if the IDE should show import items,
  • if the IDE should automatically insert parentheses after completion,
  • if the IDE should filter members in the completion list and how.

Preferences menu - Text Editor - Code completion

Completion Characters

This subsection helps you to select, which languages will support code completion and with which set of characters.

Preferences menu - Text Editor - Code completion - Completion Characters

Syntax Highlighting

In this section, you can select the color scheme of highlighting in the editor:

  • Light,
  • Dark,
  • Monokai
  • Nightshade,
  • Oblivion,
  • Solarized Dark,
  • Solarized Light,
  • Tango,
  • Visual Studio,
  • Gruvbox.

Preferences menu - Text Editor - Syntax Highlighting

In addition to the predefined color schemes, you can also create a new one, export or add the theme using the special buttons.

NB: These color schemes apply only to the color highlighting in the editor, they do not change the color scheme of the IDE in general.

In this section:

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