Version Control

The last section of the Preferences menu gives you a handy ability to enable / disable the Version Control feature. It is used in the in work on Git repositories.


In the General section of the settings for working with Git, you can globally disable this feature. By default, it's enabled.

Preferences - Version Control - General

Commit message style

In this subsection, you're able to set the style for your commit message by default: * Unordered List Item

  • policy,
  • message header,
  • formatting, such as bullets, aligning, blank lines, wrap, etc.

Preferences - Version Control - Commit message style


In the last subsection, you can configure the behavior of Gir Support for your projects:

  • if TWS should automatically stash / unstash changes when switching branches,
  • behavior of the Update command: using the Rebase options for merging, and automatically stash / unstash local changes.

Preferences - Version Control - Git

In this section:

This also may be useful:

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