Rerun tests

After you fix some failed test, you need to check it. The Welkin Suite offers you handy options to rerun tests.

Rerun test from the Test Result panel

First off, you can use the buttons on the top of the Test Result panel:

  • Run — it opens the Test Runner window and helps you to run concrete test classes or methods,
  • Rerun — it allows you to rerun the test jobs, classes or methods that you select in the Test Result panel,
  • Rerun Failed — it allows you to rerun only the failed test jobs, classes or methods. It is active only if the selected job or class includes a failed method.

Rerun tests from the context menu

Also, you can use the context menu of any item in the list of tests:

  1. you can rerun a test method, class or job by selecting Rerun or Rerun all,
  2. you can rerun only failed test classes or test methods by selecting Rerun only failed.

Rerun tests from the context menu

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