Test Results History

The Welkin Suite helps you to work with tests directly from the IDE. In the separate Test Results panel you can easily see the statuses and other info about current and previous test-runs in parallel with their execution. All details like error messages, stack traces are available with just one click for any failed tests.

Caching of the test results

Once you open a project in The Welkin Suite, you will have the previous test results displayed immediately. This process works in a next way:

  • Checking if cached data is available:
    • if yes, cached data is used,
    • if no, the local files are scanned for the test classes. The result is cached and displayed.
  • Otherwise the list in the Test Results panel will be empty.

In fact, The Welkin Suite sends a query about test results to Salesforce every 20 seconds. If you have a running test job, you will get its result after this timeout. In another case, Salesforce will send you information about other test runs on this org or from other IDEs, and you will get the updated list of the available tests.

In addition, if you want to use data from Salesforce, you can always manually fetch it with the Refresh button in the Test Runner window. In this case, if Salesforce returns a list of tests, it will be cached. Otherwise, the local data will be used again.

NB: The test results are displayed for the last two days.

Clearing the test results

If you no longer need information about test results inside the IDE, you can clear it. This option is available in the Test Results panel.

Clearing the test results

After you pressed the Clear button, the new test results from your org will be stored in The Welkin Suite in accordance with the usual rules or until you use this option again. When you are working with several projects inside one solution, the test results for all the projects will be removed after you use the Clear option.

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