Test Results panel

In order to open the Test Results panel, click in the Main Menu: View ⇒ Pads ⇒ Test results.

Open Test results panel from the context menu

All test results, both regular jobs and deployment validation test-runs, are displayed in the Test Results panel as a level tree:

  • the project — the current project, where you run tests,
  • jobs — separate test-runs,
  • classes — separate test classes that you check in the Run Tests window or run in another way,
  • methods — separate test methods, which the test class includes.

Every of these levels, excluding methods, can be expanded.

Test results panel

Test statuses

According to the stage, which the test is passing right now, and to the test result, every test job, class, and method can have different statuses:

Queued Queued — the test job is in a queue on Salesforce. At this stage, the classes have the status 'Queued', but the status of the job is 'In Progress', and the classes can't be expanded.

In Progress In Progress — the test job is running now. The test job has this status until at least 1 test method is in progress. At this stage, the classes, which are in progress, can't be expanded.

Aborted Aborted — the test job is canceled. You can expand a test class and see the results for those test methods that have been finished.

Passed Passed / Failed Failed — an actual test result. At this stage, you can expand any test class and see separate test methods in this class.

The number of failed / passed tests jobs is calculated in the following way:

  • Failed: (X/Y) — there's at least 1 test class in a job or 1 test method in a class that failed. X is the number of failed items, while Y is a total number of items.
  • Passed: (Y/Y) — all test classes in a job or all test methods in a class are passed.
NB: The test statuses aren't available for the deployment validation test-run while it is in progress.

The priority order of the test result items in the Test Result panel is as follows:

  • Failed to compile / execute,
  • Failed,
  • In Progress,
  • Preparing,
  • Queued,
  • On Hold,
  • Passed,
  • Aborted.

Details of the test result

In the Test Result panel, you can find all the details related to a test class or method. If you click on the test class, below the list of the test you will see the name of this class and the test result.

Details of the test class

If you click on the test method, you will see in addition a message and a stack trace if the test method has failed.

Details of the test method

The Test Result panel also allows you easily navigate to the code lines of the test classes or methods right in the editor. In order to do this, you just need to double-click on a test class or method in the Test Results panel. If you click on the test class, the necessary class file will be opened. If you click on the test method, this file will be opened, and a caret will be placed on the part of the code, which contains this test method.

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