Running Unit Tests

The Test Runner process is implemented in a separate panel, so you are able to continue developing while the tests are running — the test-runs status is updated automatically.

Usual tests running flow

In The Welkin Suite, you have the ability to run tests that you need to verify right now using the built-in Test Runner. This is available in different ways:

  • the Main Menu: Project ⇒ Run tests.

Run tests from the Project menu

Run tests from the Tests Results panel

NB: Please note, if you changed a test and now you want to run it, you need to build it first. Until it isn't present on your org, it won't be available.

Cancel a running test job

You can cancel a running test job if it's unnecessary anymore. This option is available for the whole test-run. A test job should be still in progress.

To cancel a test job select the Cancel all option from its context menu.

Cancel a running test job

When you use the Cancel option for the whole test-run, the classes that are in progress will be aborted and will have the appropriate status, and the classes that have been finished will have the timely status from Salesforce.

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