Types of test jobs

In The Welkin Suite, you have the ability to run 2 different types of test jobs:

  • regular test jobs,
  • deployment validation test-runs.

Regular test jobs are ordinary test jobs that you run from the editor, the Test Results panel, right after a build, and so on. They are placed in the main queue that is common for all the test jobs of this org.

The deployment validation test-run is the same test job, but it is run in order only to validate the test class / method. While regular test jobs are executed on Salesforce one by one (and sometimes it may take too much time, because of a large queue, workload of Salesforce, etc.), the deployment validation test-run is executed separately, with the highest priority on a 'fake' deployment. Its overhead is max 1 min.

Regular test jobs and deployment validation test-runs are displayed in the Test Results panel in different ways. You can see different statuses for each test class / method of a regular test job, but the status of the deployment validation test-run is available only after the tests are finished.

The status of deployment validation test-run

In addition, the deployment validation test-run isn't shown after a restart of The Welkin Suite.

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