Panel Placement Customization

In The Welkin Suite IDE, you can customize the visibility and placement of the panels using the drag&drop method.

In order to change the location of any panel, simply click on the title part of the panel and drag it to its target place. You can drop it:

  • anywhere — it will be opened as another window, which you’ll be able to drag back into the main IDE window,
  • into any dock place — dock places are highlighted dynamically, so all you need to do is to drag over these dock places and you’ll see an overlay of where the panel can be located.

Panel Placement Customization

You can dock each panel into a separate dock place, or you can group multiple panels in one dock and switch between them using the tabs. If you start dragging the panels in the group, you will drag the whole group, so if you want to drag out only one of the grouped panels, start dragging its tab.

In addition to the panel placement, you can select the way they will be displayed — either pinned or auto-hide. To pin a dock just click on the dock button in the top right corner of a panel.

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