Main components

Once you open or download a project, you see the default IDE layout.

Main components

The main components of the UI are:

  1. Application Menu — a standard menu where the most of actions and options can be found,
  2. Solution Explorer — a visual representation of the project’s structure, which allows navigating between the files,
  3. Unactive Test Results panel — the panel that represents the results of the latest test-jobs, it's usually combined with the Solution Explorer,
  4. Editor — the main part of the IDE — the Code Editor,
  5. Opened Tabs — all opened editor's tabs within a solution with the highlighted currently active tab,
  6. Status Bar — a place where the IDE status is displayed,
  7. Tab switcher — the switcher that allows to select a necessary tab among all opened documents,
  8. Quick Launch field — it provides access to any IDE component by being able to type in its name instead of looking for them in the menu,
  9. Options of the panel's display — the buttons that allow you to choose the way how the panel is displayed,
  10. Unpinned Panel: Local History — an indicator of the currently hidden Local History panel.

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