Edit menu

In the Edit menu you can find all the options related to the editing some code.

Edit menu

Undo Cancels the last action. Cmd+Z
Redo Turns back the last cancelled action. Shift+Cmd+Z
Cut Cuts a selected piece of code. Cmd+X
Copy Copies a selected piece of code. Cmd+С
Paste Pastes a selected piece of code. Cmd+V
Delete Deletes a selected piece of code.
Select All Selects all code in an active file. Cmd+Alt
Format Code Gives access to the advanced editing options.
Folding Gives access to the outlining options.
Show Completion Window Shows the list of possible completions to a character. Ctrl+Space
Toggle Completion Suggestion Mode Toggles / untoggles completion suggestion mode.
Show Parameter List Show the info about the completion variant. Ctrl+Shif+Space
Toggle Block Selection Mode Toggles / untoggles block selection mode.

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