File menu

The File menu gives you access to all the basic options of the IDE.

File menu

New ⇒ File Opens the Add New File wizard.
New ⇒ Solution Closes the current solution and creates the new one.
Open… Opens an existing project or solution. Cmd+O
Save Saves the active file. Cmd+Ѕ
Save As… Gives the ability to change a name of selected items during saving.
Save All Saves all the files in a solution. Shift+Cmd+Ѕ
Revert Reverts all unsaved changes. Cmd+U
Page Setup Allows setting up the page settings for print.
Print Preview Opens a preview window for printing a file.
Print… Prints a file. Cmd+P
Recent files Opens a list of recently opened files.
Recent Solutions Opens a list of recently opened solutions.
Close Solution Closes the whole solution. Opt+Cmd+W
Close File Closes an active file. Cmd+W

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