Run menu

The Run menu gives you access to the options of the Apex Retrospective Debugger. Here you can start debugging and manage breakpoints.

Run menu

Debug unit test Launches debugging a test.
Debug from a log file… Launches debugging a log file.
Debug Anonymous Apex Launches debugging an Anonymous Apex file.
Stop Stops debugging. Shift+Cmd+Backspace
Step Over Moves over the next step in the debugging flow. Shift+Cmd+O
Step Into Moves into the deeper level in the debugging flow. Shift+Cmd+I
Step Out Moves out of the deeper level in the debugging flow. Shift+Cmd+U
Step back Steps back in the debugging flow.
Show Current Execution Line Moves to the current line in the debbuging flow.
View Breakpoints Shows all the breakpoints.
Toggle Breakpoint Sets a breakpoint to an active line. Cmd+\
Enable / Disable Breakpoint Enables or disables the selected breakpoint. Opt+Cmd+/
Enable or Disable All Breakpoints Enables or disables all the breakpoints.
Clear All breakpoints Deletes all the breakpoints.
Expression Evaluator Currently it is unavailable in the IDE.

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