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The Search menu helps you to manage all the search options of the IDE.

Search menu

Find… Opens the Quick Search window. Cmd+F
Find Previous Navigates to the previous search result. Shift+Cmd+G
Find Next Navigates to the next search result. Cmd+G
Find Next Selection Searches for the next selection. Cmd+E
Replace… Opens the Quick replace window. Opt+Cmd+F
Find in Files… Opens the Find in files window. Shift+Cmd+F
Replace in Files… Opens the Replace in Files window. Opt+Shift+Cmd+F
Toggle Bookmark Toggles a bookmark. ^+Shift+T
Previous Bookmark Navigates to the previous bookmark. ^+Shift+P
Next Bookmark Navigates to the next bookmark. ^+Shift+N
Clear Bookmarks Clears all bookmarks.
Go to Line… Navigates to the selected line in the active document. Cmd+L
Go to File… Navigates to the selected file in a project. Shift+Cmd+D
Go to Type… Navigates to a selected type. Shift+Cmd+T
Navigate to… Opens the options of navigation. Cmd+.
Navigate Back Navigates to the previously active file. Ctrl+Cmd+Left arrow
Navigate Forward Navigates to the next active file in a history. Ctrl+Cmd+Right arrow
Navigation History Opens a list of navigation history.
Show Previous Shows the previous location. +Cmd+Up arrow
Show Next Shows the next location. +Cmd+Down arrow
Inspect Opens the list for inspection.
Go to Matching Brace Navigates to the matching brace.

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