View menu

The View menu helps you to manage all the panels, windows, that you may need during the development process, and UI of the IDE in general.

View menu

Solution Shows the solution layout. It's checked by default.
Debug Shows the Debug layout. It's checked, when you're debugging.
Visual Design Shows Visual Design layout. Currently is unavailable.
Admin Layout Shows the default Admin layout without your custom settings.
Developer Layout Shows the default Developer layout without your custom settings.
DeveloperLayout Shows the selected layout (Admin or Developer) with saved custom settings.
New Layout… Creates a new layout of the IDE.
Delete Current Layout Deletes the currently active layout (if there is more than one layout present).
Pads Opens the list panels of the IDE.
Debug Windows Opens the Debugger's windows.
Message Bubbles Allows to select if the IDE should show error and warning messages.
Zoom In Increases the scale of the editor's window. Cmd+Plus
Zoom Out Decreases the scale of the editor's window. Cmd+-
Normal Size Reverts the editor's window to the normal scale. Cmd+0
Editor Layout Allows to select the editor's layout if such layouts are available.
Focus Document Focuses the IDE on the editor's window.
Welcome Page Opens the Welcome Page of the IDE.
Enter Full Screen Opens the IDE in the full screen mode.
Switch IDE Layout Opens the Select IDE Layout window.

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