Welcome to The Welkin Suite!

The Welkin Suite is a new generation Force.com platform IDE, which makes your development process much easier and faster. Our mission is to “TWS” Salesforce Development: Turn frustration into comfort, Work smarter not harder, Save time at every corner.

The Welkin Suite allows you to work simultaneously with Apex, Lightning Web Components, Aura, Visualforce, HTML, CSS, Javascript as well as to execute unit tests, SOQL queries, Anonymous Apex, and provides many other handy features from a single development tool.

If you are a newcomer, you can get acquainted with The Welkin Suite through our short overview video. Check it here >>

The Welkin Suite IDE can be easily installed on any MS Windows PC or MacOS. The Welkin Suite is a paid version, with a small monthly fee. You are free to choose the pricing plan that works best for your purposes. Read more about our licensing schemes and the difference between them in the Licensing section.

Simple instructions will guide you through the process of the IDE’s installation step by step. You can find all the requirements, recommendations, and explanations in the Installation Guide for Windows and Installation Guide for Mac sections.

Take a look at the main components of TWS and feel free to customize the placement of one or more panels, the editor’s colors or even the hotkeys as you want.

How to start your first project in TWS? How to work with the Solution Explorer and the Build-in editor? How to search through the project? The answers to all these questions and much more you will find in the How does it work? section.

Finally, if you have some issues, please check FAQ and The Welkin Suite's Support sections.

The Welkin Suite team is glad to get your feedback and suggestions about the product. Please feel free to contact us by email info@welkinsuite.com or follow us on the social networks:

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