If you are faced with some issues during working with a project in the Welkin Suite, or you have an idea that should be implemented, or you just need to clarify, how some functionality works, whatever question you have, our support team is always glad to assist.

Please feel free to contact us by email

In your letter please provide the following information:

  • Your described step-by-step issue. The more info you give, the quicker our team can find the reason of this issue.
  • A log file, related to your issue.
  • Screenshots if you have them.

In addition, answer to the following questions in your letter:

  1. Which type of files were you working with when the issue occurred?
  2. Does the issue apply to a single org or to all your projects?
  3. Does issue appear after you restart the IDE or recreate your project?
  4. Which version of TWS are you using?
  5. Which errors or messages are present in the ‘Error list’ panel or ‘Output’ panel?

All this information will help our team to fix your issue.

We're open to new ideas and we will appreciate your thoughts and stories that you share with us!

In this section:

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