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The Welkin Suite's Forum

All the topics are divided into two large blocks:

  • TWS Discussions — all the questions related to the IDE,
  • General talks — all general questions that are not related to the work process.

The TWS Discussions block includes three thematic sections:

  • How to start using The Welkin Suite — if you have questions about functions of The Welkin Suite, its possibilities, and working process, you can ask them in this topic — or learn an answer from the previously posted questions.
  • Bug reports — if something went wrong, let us know.
  • Feature requests — if you feel that our IDE lacks some great feature, post a request. We'll do all our best to bring your ideas to life.

How to post

First off, you need to sign in to The Welkin Suite's website, to have an ability to post to the Forum. After this, navigate a section that fits your issue the most, and click the Start New Topic button.

On the page of the creation of the new topic fill all the fields. Please describe your case step-by-step as much detailed as it's possible.

In addition, please provide the following information:

  • Which type of files were you working with when the issue occurred?
  • Does the issue apply to a single org or to all your projects?
  • Does issue appear after you restart the IDE or recreate your project?
  • Which version of TWS are you using?
  • Which errors or messages are present in the ‘Error list’ panel or ‘Output’ panel?

The Attach Files button allows you to add files to your post. Our support team kindly asks you to attach a log file, related to your issue. If you have screenshots, they also will be great help info.

When all these steps are accomplished, check the captcha and click the Post New Topic button.

All the replies to your post will be sent you automatically. You also have the ability to follow any other topics you're interested in.

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