Jira Tickets System for Enterprise users

The Welkin Suite's team provides top-priority support for all the enterprise users. In addition to the email and Forum support, all of the enterprise team members receive support via our convenient ticketing system and their suggestions have the highest priority in the implementation of the new features in The Welkin Suite IDE.

The access to our Jira Tickets System for Enterprise users is carried out by invitations. You'll get a link with the invitation after the activation of your enterprise license. Click on this link — you'll be redirected to the tickets system in your default web browser. Log in with the credentials you use for The Welkin Suite license.

Jira Tickets System for Enterprise users

Types of requests

On the left side of the window, you can see the thematic sections of requests:

  • General - PC — the issues related to the Windows version of TWS,
  • General - MacOS — the issues related to the Mac version of TWS,
  • Licensing & Legal — subscriptions questions, manage licensing, and legal questions,
  • Website — issues related to the using of the website.

On the right side, you can see the types of requests that you can create. For General requests (both PC and MacOS) the types are following:

  • Feature Requests — for your ideas about additional functionality,
  • Performance Issue — if the performance of operations or processes in TWS is low,
  • Functionality Issue — if you are faced with the incorrect or failed work of operations or processes in TWS,
  • Installation Issue — in cases of a failed or incorrect installation of TWS,
  • Auto-updater Issue — in cases of failed or incorrect auto-updating of TWS to the newer version.

In the 'Licensing & Legal' section, you can create questions about subscriptions, requests about management of licensing, or legal questions. The 'Website' section offers an ability to create a feature request or a general issue related to the work with the website.

Above all of the types, you can find a search field — type a necessary search text there.

Creating a request

Once you selected a topic and a type for your request, you'll get an opened page of a request creation.

Create a request

  • Summary — describe your issue is a few words,
  • Description — provide additional info: steps to reproduce, TWS's version, OS version, etc. This field is optional.
  • Attachment — attach files that you're working on, logs, or screenshots. This field is optional.
  • Affecting — select, how does this issue affect your working process. This field is optional.

After you're done, click the Create button. You'll get an opened page with your request.

Created request

Here you can turn off tracking of this ticket, comment it, attach additional files, and share it externally via emails.

Managing requests

To open all your requests, click on the Requests button near your profile's picture.

Managing requests

On this page, you can quickly review your request, go deeper into details of any, and track the statuses.

Using the drop-down filters above the list, you can easily filter all your requests:

  • Status — open, closed, or any,
  • Participation — create by you, by anyone, or where you are a participant,
  • Type — any of types that you've created.

In addition, you can also use a search field.

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